Can Inspection

Empty and Full Can Inspection Solutions

Empty Can Inspection

Imperfections of empty cans inner sidewalls, base, and rim of cans for contaminates, damages, and foreign objects are effectively rejected off the production line before reaching the filler. Verification of can labeling is also possible with Empty Can Inspection.

Common Imperfections in Empty Cans

  • Grooves or Crinkles
  • Coating Defects
  • Dents
  • Foreign Objects
  • Bends in the Overall Can Shape
  • Improperly Formed Seaming Flanges

Empty Can Inspection Solutions

ECI is highly configurable vision inspection system detects defects in empty cans.

Full Can Inspection

Flaws in filled aluminum cans can be alarmingly frequent and messy. Puncture holes left undiscovered can ruin full cases of product, and low-filled cans trigger customer complaints if allowed to reach the market.
FILTEC provides both x-ray and gamma based solutions for the reliable detection of non-visible can variables like fill level and pressure levels.

Full Can Imperfections

  • Container Pressure (DUD detection)
  • Faulty System
  • Punches or Cracks
  • Fill Level
  • Down Can
  • Seam Offers

Full Can Inspection Solutions

INTELLECT+ integrated modular future-proof package inspection interface.

3XR & 3G x-ray, optical, and gamma fill level inspection system

AURATEC pressure detection with multi-point laser scanning technology.