PET Inspections

Full PET Container Inspection

Damages in full PET containers can result in millions in wasted product and consumer complaints. A rigorous quality control and line analytics program can prevent damaged product from reaching the end consumer, and maintain streamlined effective line operation.

Common Full Container Flaws

  • Overfill and Underfill
  • High or Cocked Caps
  • Pinholes and Leaks
  • Low Pressure or Carbonation
  • Snapped Vent Tubes
  • Labeling and Date Code Errors
  • Missing Foil Seal
  • Incorrect or Missing Cap

PET Container Solutions

INTELLECT+ integrated modular future-proof package inspection interface.

3XR & 3G x-ray, optical, and gamma fill level inspection system

AURATEC pressure detection with multi-point laser scanning technology.

VISION modular vision system inspects fill level, closure, and labels.

Empty PET Container Inspection

Imperfections in empty PET containers, either returnable or straight from the blow molder, can result in damaged or wasted product.

Common REFPET Flaws

  • Damaged Thread
  • Foreign Objects
  • Uneven Finish
  • Residual Liquid or Caustic

Empty PET Solutions

OMNIVISION3 all surface bottle inspection system.